Water Fed Pole Cleaning

Water Fed Pole Window Cleaning

We provide a Water Fed Pole Cleaning Service here at Lamont Cleaning and Support Services. This method of cleaning is highly efficient and does not require expensive MEWPS. Using these Water Fed Poles we can reach and clean heights of up to 80ft however quality may be compromised at this height and were possible we would recommend only going to 45-50ft. Any higher a MEWP & traditional clean provide a much better standard of finish. Although we would much prefer to only use this size of pole when no other means of access is available. This gives our Belfast clients massive savings in addition to Health & Safety benefits as we are not working from a height.

Water Fed Professional Window Cleaning leaves windows smear, streak and stain free as water is purified as it travels through the pole. This ensures a professional, long-lasting and hassle-free window clean.

This type of window cleaning is also great for the environment and highly eco-friendly as using purified water alone (without the use of harsh chemicals and detergents) is harmless to the buildings and grounds below.

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