Lamont & 4Leaf are delighted to have won Distributorship of Aktivora, a non-alcohol based sanitiser which conforms to British Standards EN1650, EN14476 and EN1276.

  • AKTIVORA contains NO Alcohol and safe to use on skin.
  • AKTIVORA easily destroys and removes Biofilm, Germs, Algae, Mould, Dirt and surface contamination/soiling whilst giving long lasting protection.
  • AKTIVORA utilises Renewable Plant Extracts as key ingredients.
  • AKTIVORA enhances the efficacy and longevity of the disinfection processes and can last up to 24 hours.
  • AKTIVORA has shown consistent log 8+ kill rates, (99.999999%).
  • AKTIVORA works well on ALL surfaces without tainting.
  • AKTIVORA makes it very difficult for Germs and Viruses to build up a resistance.
  • AKTIVORA is a Broad Spectrum disinfectant against Germs and Viruses, including superbugs.

check out video of our specialist services team fogging within hotel